Hello everyone, welcome to Definitive Anime Review! Wait a minute…where am I? It seems that I’m writing somewhere else now! Definitive Anime Review is now on Full Frontal dot moe, a crossover that nobody could have predicted but has now become reality. I imagine a lot of people who read the awesome content on Full Frontal may have no idea who the heck I am and what the heck I even do but this article will give you all a primer for the articles that will soon be a mainstay of this website.

Look out world, here comes the shachou!

Who are you?

I’m buildknuckle and I like anime. I have been writing about anime for several years now in a very strange way. Most of the time, I approach subjects in a very silly and outlandish way in order to make people laugh. I have thoughts on anime quite a bit believe it or not! You may also know me for my recreations of anime screencaps using Microsoft Paint. that one cool Discord community that I’m the owner of, my dives into anime timeslots, the Karekano saga and a bunch of other cool things, but on Full Frontal, I’ll mostly be sticking with the silly articles. I used to write newsletters for Definitive Anime Review on a service called Revue since July of this year. The first article was full of hope that this website would be a wonderful way of writing articles and sharing them with loads of people. Unknowingly, a despicable villain known as The Smelly Man decided to take ownership of the platform and ruthlessly decided to cull Revue before I could use it to save anime.

This vehicle was designed by a company owned by a man who has undergone several divorces.

What is Definitive Anime Review?

Definitive Anime Review started all the way back on the 26th August 2017 as a bit of a joke on a now long dormant community revolving around sakuga (that word that makes you think that things move really nice). After seeing how dire the anime YouTube scene was back then, I had the bright idea to make my own (terrible) videos reviewing anime even if I hadn’t watched them before. After about a year of making videos, I slowly evolved it into a blog format because I am a very busy man outside of the realms of the Internet and video editing takes an incredibly long time. I’d like to think my articles have evolved over time since I started out on YouTube and wrote articles on my own blog. I know a fair bit more about anime and the industry since then though I’m always aware that I’m a small white cat standing on the shoulders of giants. Those include the folks on this website that I now have the pleasure of writing for! Articles on Definitive Anime Review are all about pointing out the craziness of the anime scene. Whether that be those nasty corporations doing their actual evil deeds, anime fans doing some silliness or even me throwing some (loving) jabs at my greatest rivals at The Sakuga Cartel.

The Sakuga Cartel is run by the evil mistress known as Sumika. She lives in a floating fortress above Catalonia.

What about the old stuff?

The old blog is still sitting there dormant holding all my older articles and it won’t be going away any time soon. I am a big fan of just leaving old stuff up as a yardstick of how far I’ve come and also to appreciate how anime was different even just a few years ago! The Revue articles will be saved before the service shuts down in mid January so all of my latest and greatest articles will be recovered and saved. The worst thing that could happen is that my good work all goes to waste like that!

I was a bit afraid that I would be working with this guy.

How did you meet Fufuro-chan?

I think this is the question that you’re all dying to know the answer to. How the heck did I end up on Full Frontal and joining forces with the top journalist Fufuro-chan? Well after I ended up finding out that my new home on Revue was being taken away I was trying my best to find a way to keep Definitive Anime Review alive. In my desperation, I let out a call for help in this trying time. Fufuro-chan, a budding journalist herself from the future, was also in dire straits. With her world facing certain destruction from a “mysterious force”, her office wasn’t getting as much work covering anime news (apparently there was more important stuff happening?). She saw my cry for help for getting some work writing on anime and called me up saying that there was some terrible thing happening destroying the world or something. I got to work. After searching for 10 minutes, using advanced search on a multitude of websites I discovered that the force affecting the planet was in fact the collective negative emotional energy from Attack on Titan fans, who have dedicated their lives to their favourite anime, for better or worse. Fufuro-chan was very impressed with my journalism so she hired me to help her with her “planetary destruction problem” in return for hosting Definitive Anime Review on her website and helping me with my anime journalism. The banner of the article is us two working together already! It’s incredibly cute if I do say so myself! 

If your planet is in danger from weird anime fans on the Internet, you know who to call.

So when is Issue #2 coming out?

Soon! I’ve already got an excellent idea for an article and Fufuro-chan is already helping out too! You’ll be able to read it soon enough!

The start of a wonderful partnership! Enjoy Definitive Anime Review on Full Frontal!

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