With 2022 close at hand, we, the staff at Full Frontal, wanted to share our future goals, upcoming projects and express our gratitude to all who have participated in our journey thus far! This post is intended to sum up the main talking points we discussed on December 18th on our live Twitter Space.

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It’s no secret that the spirit of fullfrontal.moe has been modeled after the same drive that willed the DAICON animations into being. You can see it in our writing, our dedication to the craft, and even in our mascot, Fufuro-chan. We are more concerned with pathos than profit. Our ultimate aim is to create a community of anime maniacs and consumers of otaku culture that can share ideas and information about the craft we love so much. It is a constantly evolving and growing goal, and as we move into this next year, we seek to grow with it by launching several different projects. Some of those are:

More frequent articles

With our editor in chief, Dimitri, now devoting more time and a significant amount of his personal resources towards the site, we can better manage the release schedule and content coordination on fullfrontal.moe. Currently, we expect to have two articles released weekly, frequently with coordinating topics or themes. With Dimitri overseeing this process, a more consistent rotation between the writers and more diverse and detailed subjects can be touched upon.

As much of our staff either have participated or have their own side projects, and as so can attest, the organization behind the scenes of a website like fullfrontal.moe is no easy task! But it is something Dimitri and our staff are committed to in the coming year.

Translations and Interviews

Direct information is the lifeblood of anime analysis, and we believe that it best comes from the source. We are no strangers to interviewing animators and production staff in regards to discussing their work and the anime industry at large. Our pursuit of information will continue to grow in 2022, bouncing back from some of the challenges COVID-19 presented. We will continue to reach out to established names, indie animators, as well as dig through the archives to present information to anime fans outside of Japan.


There are multiple reasons we consider this endeavor worthwhile:

  1. It highlights the talent behind the art we love, giving them the recognition and appreciation they deserve.
  2. It allows fans the option to interact with their favorite shows in a deeper and more meaningful way.
  3. Decentralizing the plethora of information being held by a select few individuals, minimizing gatekeeping, and promoting unilateral access to knowledge.

Our goal is to publish at least one interview per month in 2022.

Funding These Ambitions

As you can imagine, acquiring these interviews and materials can be quite costly. Full Frontal is dedicated to paying the translators who work with the site a fair and livable wage for their labor. The anime industry is plagued with many instances of worker exploitation on all sides and in all languages. Participating in such predatory practices is against our personal morals and core values.

To state it again, we, the staff of Full Frontal, are more concerned with pathos than profit. As Dimitri noted in our most recent Twitter Space, “The site will never be run for a profit.” This is why you see an absence of ads and a minimal presence of our ko-fi donation button. The experience of those reading Full Frontal is more important. That being said, part of that experience is providing more requested and desired interviews. 

So far, all translated content has been at the personal expense of Dimitri and the fullfrontal.moe staff. We will continue to promote and acquire this content regardless; however, this process is slower than many would like. As such, we are currently drafting a sustainable and transparent method of using crowdsourced funding to increase the rate and quantity of content being released. We want to thank all those that have already donated and pledged their financial assistance throughout the website’s life. We know that these acts of kindness come at great expense in the current economic conditions. 

As such we would like to issue a special thanks to the following patrons who have supported us this year:

Clotilde, Jess, drake366, Daniel and 謎のガンダムオタク

That being said, please look out for future announcements as we undergo these changes and growth! This website would not be possible without the amazing talent that goes into it, nor without the amazing readers who bolster, retweet, share and comment on our content. We offer our humble gratitude to all those that have supported us thus far and are excited to make new connections with the community in 2022!

Wishing you the best for 2022,

The whole fullfrontal.moe team

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